Beverly Hills Counseling offers 
for Men and for Women who have been court ordered to attend Batterer's classes. 
Our program is on the "Approved by the Los Angeles County Probation Department" list
and meets the standards for classes in most other states and counties. 
Please note: court approved classes ARE NOT available OnLine, 
nor does the county allow online classes to fulfill the requirement. 

​    If you recognize you are stuck in an abusive relationship as the potential batterer or the victim, and want to make some changes NOW, we do offer individual counseling and psychotherapy to help you end the cycle of violence in a safe, sane and supportive manner. 

     E-mail or call/text (310-271-3784) today to make arrangements to enroll, or make an appointment for individual counseling. 

Beverly Hills Counseling - BH Counseling

Dr. Jim Gordon

Domestic Violence 
Classes & Batterers Program

And, the Good News? 

You get 
Beverly Hills Care 
with reasonable & competitive pricing!

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VISA / MC / AMEX / Discover accepted

 NO enrollment fee, NO workbook fees 
or paperwork fees.... 

Cost: $50 per class
$48 per class / if you pay for 4 sessions 
at a time - $192.00 -
a $$$ SAVINGS!!!

There are further savings if you elect to pay the full fee at one are further savings if you elect to pay the full fee at one time.
Our Schedule of Classes

​Mens Domestic Violence Classes 
 Tues 4:30 pm
Thursday 6:30 pm
Saturday 10:30 am

Womens Domestic Violence Class
Tues 6:30 pm